Tips For A Brazilian Wax


1. Refrain from any type of shaving for at least 3 weeks before your waxing appointment. Shaving can make the hair more resistant to waxing. The therapist will need a good 1/2cm – 1cm of outgrowth. If your hair tends to be stubborn or coarse, you many need to grow it out about a week longer or more.

2. Be aware of the sensitive waxing areas. Most clients think the labia or the backside (buttocks) are the most painful areas to wax. When in fact, it’s the area right on top of the pubic bone that tends to be the most painful.

3. Don’t be fooled into thinking that hard wax will hurt less or cause less trauma. Many skilled and experienced waxers use both kinds of wax.

4. Try to schedule your waxing appointments 3 or 4 days after your period. This time of the month tends to help to reduce sensitivities and anxiety associated with waxing.

5. Avoid Brazilian bikini waxing if you have sunburn or have had a laser hair removal treatment in the past week.

6. Lightly exfoliate the area with a loofah or a gentle scrub 1-2 days before your appointment. Exfoliate the panty line area, as well as the area on the top of the pubic bone. Due to the abrasive nature, DO NOT exfoliate or use exfoliants inside any folds or crevices.

7. Showering before your appointment is always recommended. If for some reason this isn’t feasible, ask your therapist for something to freshen up with.

8. Plan on coming to your appointment with something loose to wear. Steer clear of anything that may be too restrictive, tight or binding in the private areas. Cotton panties, loose work-out clothes, skirts, and dresses seem to work really well for clients. I don’t recommend wearing snug pants or jeans!

9. If you are under the direction of a dermatologist or are taking or applying a medication relating to your skin, let your therapist know. Prescription medication may leave your skin extremely sensitive to waxing services.

10. Proper breathing can make a world of difference in reducing the pain. Try to avoid holding your breath, by just breathing and talking naturally.

11. The therapist will be getting into your VERY intimate areas and you may be asked to be put in some precarious positions. Try not to feel anxious or self-conscious. It’s no different than going to the gynecologist. This is part of the job and rather clinical in nature. Furthermore, your therapist is a total professional and is not there to judge.

12. Keep the lines of communication open with your therapist. If you have experiencing extreme discomfort or embarrassment, please be frank and let her know as soon as possible. Getting a Brazilian bikini wax may be somewhat uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be torturous!

13. Lastly, think positively about the end results.

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