Pevonia Facials

Essential Aroma Facial - 30 mins & 60 mins

Harnessing the balancing power of plant energies to normalize the skin. Combining fruitenzyme exfoliation with pure essential oil blends and rich multi-vitamin masks to restore freshness and radiance.

Lumafirm Lift & Glow Facial - 60 mins

Exclusively formulated with the latest in freeze-dried technology, this remarkable treatment with cumulative benefi ts is ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging, or works as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best.

Deep Rejuvenation Facial - 60 mins

Corrective extracts from the earth and sea are infused with bi-thermal masks resulting in dramatic, instant and visible results. A true “divine facial treatment” incorporating the latest in natural science and providing solutions for dehydration, sensitivity, loss of elasticity, environmental aging and poor circulation. Incorporating preliminary and deep exfoliation cleansing, ampoule massage and infusion with setting masks and environmental protection.

LUMINOUS C & SEA •    Antioxidant , anti-free radicals •    Reduces fine lines and wrinkles •    Increases skins elasticity •    Leaves skin radiant

ANTI FREE RADICAL •    Revitalizes, nourishes •    Eases excessive dryness •    Smoothes fine lines •     Best anti-free radicals results

PLANTOMER LIFT-OFF •    Hydrates heals and cools •    Reduces redness vaso – constrictor •    Excellent for microcirculation problems

Men Skin Fit Mask - 60mins

Refresh and brighten tired, dull skin and reduce signs of early ageing. This multi-action facial counteracts dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles. Using active pure aromatics, botanical therapies and intensive extracts.

Intensive Ampoules

Boost the results of your essential Aroma facial with a high performance, low molecular Ampoule treatment to provide deep longer lasting results.

  • Eye Soothe $70 or $25 combined with Facial.
  • Eye Smooth $70 or $25 combined with Facial.

Pamper yourself today with an amazing Pevonia facial.

Pevonia FacialsPrice
Essential Aroma Facial (30 minutes)$80
Essential Aroma Facial (60 minutes)$110
Deep Rejuvenation Facial (60 Minutes)$140
Lumafrim Lift & Glow Facial (60 minutes)$170
Mens Skin Fit Mask (60 minutes)$130



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