Radio Frequency (Skin Tight)

The radio frequency treatment was designed to organise collagen, tighten loose or saggy skin, break down the fat on the surface if the body and slim your body down. It can be used on all areas of the body and has shown to consistently produce fantastic results. It is especially effective on the thighs, waist and buttocks. It works by stimulating circulation and the cleansing process that causes the accumulation of thick, immovable fat cells or cellulite. When the body can return to a natural cleansing cycle, not only does it prevent more fat cells from building up but the old fat can now move on. This treatment has no down time, non invasive and works with the body’s natural process.

Cellulite and fat reduction results combined with skin tightening.

Diamond Radio Frequency PriceBonus
Introductory Trial $99-
Single Treatment (60 minutes)$150
Package of 5 sessions $650-
Package of 10 sessions $1200+ 1 FREE Infra-red Dome treatment

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