Permanent Hair Reduction (IPL)

The Diamond Light treatment differs to laser, in that it provides superior permanent hair and follicle destruction with less pain and discomfort than other progressive permanent hair removal methods. The common waxing areas for women – the chin, upper lip, cheeks, under arms are extremely successful and “a breeze” in comparison. Generally it takes a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions, to produce truly effective and long term hair reduction.

Darker tanned skin colour and lighter coloured hair will require more treatments as less power can be safely applied without fear of skin surface burns and because there is less melanin in the hair root. Excessive hormonal hair growth will also require additional treatments. Any hair regrowth in the future will always be weak, thin and lighter in colour, arising from damaged hair follicles. These can be destroyed with further maintenance treatments.

Diamond IPL is an innovative, reliable and safe method of removing unwanted hair for both men & women.

Permanent Hair Reduction (IPL)WomenMen
½ Leg $200$200
Full Leg $320$360
½ Arm $120$130
Full Arm $240$250
Underarms $52$60
Stomach $104$125
Lower Back$120Not Available
Bikini $79Not Available
Bikini xx $84Not Available
Brazilian xxx $120Not Available
Upper Lip $36$40
Lip and Chin $56$60
Full Face$80$80
Stomach Strip $79Not Available
Chest Not Available$250
Half BackNot Available $200
Full Back Not Available$400
  • Package prices are available. Please call the beauty clinic for pricing.

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