MediLift Firming and Toning

Over time, loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity makes us very susceptible to natural ageing process. This sophisticated scientifi cally proven exercise program produces vibration and muscular contractions at the highest level of efficiency and in a systematic form, replicating an intensive workout. It is a non-surgical, non-intrusive treatment. The MeiLift has a two-fold effect: Firstly, using naturally produced electrical currents which gently strengthen the body’s muscles while toning and shaping. Essentially, aging is the results of declining tone and muscular strength, yet MeiLift treatments are the only treatments that actually focus on the cause of ageing by working on the muscular system. The vibrations from the MeiLift procedure heat up cells in the body releasing trapped toxins into the circulatory system of the body. The build up of lymphatic fl uids are picked up with the trapped toxins and are both flushed from the body. By speeding up this natural process in the body, toxins that manufacture and store fat cells are fl ushed out quicker leaving the body more toned with fat melting away.

Cellulite and fat reduction results combined with skin tightening.

MediLift Firming and ToningPriceBonus
Single Treatment (45 minutes)$100
Package of 5 sessions $400-
Package of 10 sessions $700-

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