Infra-red Dome

Infra red therapy, based on natural energy is safe and gentle yet has a powerful detoxification effect. Infra-red Dome produces infra-red rays, designed to warm the body tissue without warming the air between the source and the body. Infra-red is best described as the deep warm you feel when in the sun on a cold winter’s day. Exposure to infra-red energy improves the look and the function of the skin. Like the rest of the body skin needs a constant, fully adequate supply of energy to heal damage to its DNA, regulate the production of collagen and elastin, give birth to new cells and eliminate waste. Results are experienced almost immediately after the first session. Skin feels smoother and silkier. Infra-red Dome can have a myriad of health benefits, notably improvements to skin tone and cellulite reduction occurs as the body expels toxins form adipose tissue. Deep penetrating infra-red waves are used to target area with cellulite, speed the body’s natural metabolism and get the blood circulating. Essentially, it means your body will work over-time in simulating down and creating muscle tone.

The Dome burns 600 calories in 30 minutes. That's better than the gym and more relaxing.

Infra-red DomePriceBonus
Single Treatment (40 minutes)$60-
Package of 5 sessions $250

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