Hollywood Lift

diamond hollywood lift

A advanced waveform system a powerful tool to achieve a non invasive, non surgical face lift. By targeting specific muscles of the face and neck you will be able to achieve and maintain a more youthful look that had previously only been achieved through surgical procedures. The flexibility to simultaneously multi-treat the face and body.

There are 108 muscles in the face, with proper pad placement the facial muscles can be stimulated to increase their size and tone. The procedure has the same effect as a facelift but without the surgery, pain, recovery period or cost.

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As seen on Dr Phil and Today Tonight.

"I had an experience last night that I have never had in my life. It was rejuvenating, exhilarating. I could see a difference in like a half hour. Your skin somehow gets pulled tighter. I came away from it feeling younger, having a little kick in my step, feeling more alive. I was so excited; I didn't sleep on my face last night! - OPRAH WINFREY"

Hollywood Lift PriceBonus
Introductory Trial $99-
Single Treatment (60 minute)$140 -
Package of 5 sessions $600-
Package of 10 sessions $1200 + 1 FREE RF treatment

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